Our Farming Practices

How we raise our chicken.

Our Cornish Cross chicks arrive on the farm during the pastured poultry season (April-September).

Brooder 4 weeks. Bedding mix of peat moss and wood shavings. Trying to use more coconut coir to be more sustainable.

after 4 weeks moved out onto fresh green grass. Protected in movable shelters. Shelters are moved daily. able to forage on fresh grass, bugs. access to grains and clean water

We source our Non-GMO grain from Widdes Feed & Farm Supply in Esko, a local family owned business. https://www.widdesfeed.com/ They source made with high-quality ingredients

When chickens are 8 weeks old, we take them down to Lake Haven Meats in Sturgeon Lake. https://www.lakehavenmeats.com/ A local family owned USDA inspected meat processing facility.